Seamless Pet Insurance Billing

We build software that allows vets to directly bill pet insurers, providing instant claims in less than 15 minutes

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For Insurers, a simple Claims Management System

  • Our Standardized CPT Codes and Insurance Rules Engine automates 90% of pet insurance claims instantly

  • Audit and Manage all your claims in one place

  • Manage payouts without the headache of checks or ACH payments

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For Vets, a seamless connection to your existing Practice Management Software

  • Seamlessly connects to your Practice Management Software

  • Talk about the care, not about the cost

  • Up to 90% cheaper fees than using a credit card to bill your customer

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For Pet Owners, a seamless checkout experience

  • Know how much you’ll owe in 5 minutes or less

  • No more asking for medical records

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